Day 7

Apr. 13th, 2017 09:45 pm
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I had my doctor's appointment on Tuesday and it went really well. My doctor was super supportive and ready to get the whole thing started. The part of me that always plans for the worst thought that I would have to go find a new family doctor, I was so glad I was wrong. I got a call from her later that day saying that she had already started phoning in my referral and wondered if I new which top surgeon I wanted. I was so happy! It's probably going to be a long ass wait for top surgery though, up to 3 years where I live. That's okay though I new that already, which is why I wanted to get on the ball rolling and get on the wait list ASAP.

Then when I got home I told my dad, he seemed a little overwhelmed but supportive. He hasn't said anything about it so I assume that he's good with it and that he has now had enough time to process. Which is awesome, I thought that he might treat me differently but he treats me the same. I love my Dad. My mom is okay I guess...just kidding I love her too.

I also told my rabbit, he gave a kiss after so I guess he is okay with me going from his mom to his dad. I love that little fart.

On Wednesday I had my last class of the semester and it was really frustrating but I got through it and now I am free, free to study for exams. I also got rid of the last of my girly clothes, now all I have left is some hair stuff and make-up. To bad its used or I would donate it.

Today I bought some manly shampoo, deodorant and body wash. The deodorant and body wash are Amber by Old Spice and the shampoo is Dove for Men Invigoration Ignite. I can't wait to shower tomorrow! I know its just a little stupid thing but it makes me happy, so screw it.

I also threw up today. I don't know what the hell happened because all I did was eat a little bit of tomato and then chopped them up and ran to the bathroom to throw up. It was weird, I don't know if it was something I ate or the binder or what.

Any who there's my long update.
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